Keeping Indiana Network Ready

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Keeping Indiana Network Ready


Verizon Wireless has stepped up its game for the Super Bowl, ramping up to meet the needs of businesses, customers and tourists for the February 5 event.

For a company that’s consistently ranked high in consumer surveys, we’re proud to report all that we’ve done in preparation for this major event. Not only is a Super Bowl game here a first for the state, it’s also the first big game to be in a stadium and city bolstered by Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

Indiana benefits in a number of ways.

To date, Verizon has spent $158 million on network upgrades for Indiana alone. The Verizon Wireless network is built to handle volumes that are more than double what a normal venue would look like or experience.

Verizon Wireless is also building network enhancements in more than 30 venues, including Lucas Oil Stadium, the convention center, major hotels and the NFL team practice facilities.

Our company has boosted capacity to existing cell sites, added three temporary cell sites (known as COWs or Cells on Wheels) to the downtown area and built a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) at Lucas Oil Stadium. A DAS works particularly well in a congested area where there are many users. The company uses a fiber optic network to deliver voice and data service to the DAS, thereby increasing wireless capacity in the stadium.

In addition to boosting capacity for the hundreds of thousands of visitors expected in Indianapolis, new Wi-Fi systems are being built at the stadium and convention center. The Wi-Fi system is just one more way of building redundancy into our network.

December 5 was our company’s 1-year anniversary for the 4G LTE network launch in its initial 39 markets, which included coverage for a major scientific research flagship for Indiana at Purdue University.

Indiana can now boast that more than 20 cities and 10 major universities are covered by the first 4G LTE network offered in the state. These speeds are increasingly in demand by entrepreneurs.

Mayors and economic development councils across the state have also noted that our expansion doesn’t just hit Indy and bypass rural communities. Our coverage and investment is moving to all crossroads along the Hoosier state where the need for high speed is just as critical for smaller elementary schools and start-up businesses.

We’re collaboratively building and operating a 4G LTE network with the cooperation of rural communications companies. To date, 12 rural organizations have announced their participation in the LTE in Rural America program and have leased spectrum covering more than 2.6 million people.

Indiana moves ahead of the technology curve as we head into 2012.


Submitted by:

John Granby

Region President for Verizon Wireless

Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan

Southfield, MI

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